User Guide

Learn how to use the website
Learn how to Register in the website

Registration Process

Through this video we provide you in detail what the Registration steps are, and how you can proceed

Learn how to send us your application

New Application

Through this video you will learn how to send us any new application from your side for any course you will learn with us. You will know how to upload, how to track and review, and how to comment

Learn about our Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Through this video we will explain in deep detail about our programs and our services and what the differences are between them, plus we show in steps how to join or request any course, program, or service

Learn how to select and pay a course

Payment Methods

Through this video we will take you through the whole process from beginning to the end. We will start by know our course types, and how to send us your Evaluation Test result, then selecting a course and pay for it.