Ahmed Shafeek

Brief info

Vocal & Maqam Trainer and Speech Therapy Specialist

  • Owner of (ِAhmedshafeek-المبتهل أحمد شفيق) YouTube channel , which include a lot of shows in.
  • Worked as Maqam Trainer in Arabian Center for Training in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Worked as a leader for Religion Choir in Shebien Al-Koum, Egypt.
  • Vocal & Maqam Trainer in Abjadiah Academy since 2014.
  • Speech Therapy Specialist in Psychology Support Center in Menoufia since 2019.
  • Professional Holy Reciter and Religious Singer since 2004.
  • Participated in a lot of Radio & TV Shows.
  • Has a lot of prizes from the government in Quran reciting and religious singing.
  • Got 1st rank from government in Quran reciting and religious singing in 2010 and 2011.
  • Active Member in Religious Singing Syndicate.
  • Active Member in Musical Syndicate.
  • Has a Diploma (Postgraduate Degree) in Speech Therapy from Menoufia University.
  • Has a practical Master in Business Administration and Human Development.
  • Has a practical PhD in Business Administration and Human Development.
  • Teach and trained more than 85 graduated groups (more than 850 student) and more than 300 individual students in whole over the world.
  • Trained online and on-site in more than 26 countries (Egypt, Libya, Tonus, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, USA, Uzbekistan, Mauritania, England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Belgium).
  • Has more than 200K (200,000) followers in YouTube, and more than 400K (400,000) followers in Facebook.